Working mothers Dilemmas & Solutions

Being a working mother is not an easy thing as all.It is like taking a quadruple responsibilities of looking after the kids, supervising the household chores & doing justice to an office job as well. In the present day women are working not only for their financial independence but for their individual empowerment as well.

But somewhere the guilt feeling always creep in you are not paying proper attention to your kids especially when your child is very young.

However with the effective management of the time & resources it is always possible to take care of all the areas with reasonable efficiency & satisfaction.

Maternity leave Now a days most government as well as private undertaking gives 6 months of maternity leave.however it is desired  that most of the maternity leave should be availed just before the labour & after the labour so that you can spend ,maximum time with your child. Some of the private companies also give the advantages like flexible working hours or part-time job.

Day care centre it’s also a good idea if its close to your office (you can visit your child during the breaks as well) and providing supervised care to your child. Though care has to taken in their selection as most of them are over crowed with low standards of environmental sanitation.

Another option is keeping a full-time Maid or Ayah for taking care of your child while you are in office. The ideal situation would be the presence of the grandparents or some other relative to supervise the maid. If that’s not possible then extreme care has to used selecting the appropriate maid. Male servants are strict  no no as there are increasing instances of physical abuse not only against girls but boys too. The maid should not be too old, should have pleasant manners, neat habits and good sense of personal hygiene and importance of cleanliness. There is one aspect which most of the parents ignore which is their complete medical examination including X-ray of chest to exclude tuberculosis or any other contagious disease before recruitment. It is also desireable to call home off and on and at times make surprise visits to check on the reliability and activities of the maid.

The main thing is not to feel guilty about not spending enough time with your child. It is the quality of time spent which is more important than the mere quantity of time. When you are in a good mood than it reflects in the home environment as well and you will be able to provide greater emotional support to your child.

In fact this is the time when fathers role become very important. they should take the joint responsibility of looking after the upbringing of their child. It becomes really enjoyable and great fun both for mother and the kids when father is actively associated in strengthening the process of providing a solid and stable foundation to the family.

Wishing you all a happy parenting!!!!






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