The Fussy Eaters

Fussy eating is a very common phenomenon in kids though really tough to handle. Someday they like one particular food which they don’t like the next day, driving their parents crazy. In fact for kids it is more about making independent choices.

Here we need to understand the working of their mind as they are neither having loss of appetite nor they are on a hunger strike. In fact the same kid goes to their friend’s house or a birthday celebration they eat well making their parents wonder, where are they going wrong.

The better way to tackle fussy eating is by avoiding over indulgence and not paying too much attention to your kid’s food. Otherwise the meal times will become unpleasant, emotionally surcharges and stressful situation both for the kid and the family. First thing first is that you should respect your kid’s liking and disliking. also rather than preparing one type of food everyday try to bring more variety to it. Kids like food which are more colorful, look interesting and fun to eat.

Also he should be given 2-3 choices of food which he likes but remember the choice should not become infinite. The more you persuade him to eat a particular food the more he will resist. So it is better to have a relaxed attitude and let him enjoy what he likes.

Its is a fact that kids love to eat in groups and most of the time they prefer to eat what others are eating, so every time there is not much need of preparing extra special meal for them.

One of the common mistakes that parents make is that they tend to ‘blackmailing’ behavior. Things like ‘once you eat your veggies you will get your favorite ice cream’ is never going to help.On the contrary it will make them more averse to veggies or any healthy food.

In fact one must understand that food fussiness is a behavior disorder which should be dealt by changing your attitude and approach in feeding your child.






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