I have heard so much about being strong that,now I feel that it has reduced to a cliche. Everyone tries really hard to achieve this. So lets face the obvious, what defines strength in a person or more categorically, who is a strong person. In fact when we talk about being strong, the image that generally comes to our mind is of some one fighting all alone, tirelessly,never gives up. Someone who never stops until he gets what he want. But does strength is really limited to that or is it more.

For me strength is, when you are bogged down by your problems but keep a smiling, strong face before your kids. When only thing you want is to cry in frustration with whats happening with you but still you go on with your life, caring for the need of your loved ones. When you feel too depressed even to get up from your bed but still you go out, say hello to your acquaintances, smile and even make light talks. When you see a small fight between your kid and her friend going out of proportion because of the parents involvement, when you see your kid crying because of him being a simpleton, when you are itching to give a piece of your mind to the other side but decide not to stoop to other’s level, that is strength. When your young one cries and ask you to help him in sorting out his things but you don’t want to be an overprotective parent that is strength. When you repeatedly ask your kid to well behave irrespective of how others are behaving that is also strength.

When you deal positively with people who loves putting you down, again and again for reasons known only to them that is strength. When you don’t even want to interact with these kinds, still you make an initiative reminding yourself to see good points in them that is strength. When your good intentions and positive outlook is taken to be your weakness, still you continue that is also strength.

Strength is believing in yourself irrespective of all odds, to have hope for the future , to see light at the end of the dark tunnel and all the while keeping your head high and walk steadily on the chosen path. It consists of all these moments trivial for one but life changing for others.

Strength comes in various packages big and small and sometimes it is these small instances that get together to make a big one.

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