You are a parent — be a maths super-teacher too!

 Maths is important

The great philosopher Roger Bacon had rightly said, “For the things of this world cannot be made known without a knowledge of mathematics”. This is particularly true in today’s knowledge based economy, where being good at maths can ensure greater success in career.

Success at so many professions and in so many fields depends on being good at maths: engineering, CA, architecture, music, investment banking, trading, stock markets — the list is really big. Maths thus can be seen as the most important subject for a child, and still it is maths that children fear the most.

Albert Einstein once said, “Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.”. At the heart of this quotation lies the fundamental percept that maths cannot be learnt by rote — it has to be understood. If children learnt maths the way is should be, success at school exams and competitions like IMO and Olympiads would come naturally.

A great maths teacher

A great maths teacher would make sure her students hone their understanding of maths and love it as a subject. She would think of one student at a time and think 24×7 about:

  • the goals she has set for the student,
  • the facts that are still unknown to the student, and
  • the concepts that the student still needs to master before she can be sure the student would certainly achieve her goals.

A great teacher will make her student practice exactly the topics her student needs, and would find for practice exactly the questions that will take her learning forward. If the student struggled at certain topics or certain types of questions, she will work her way backwards to fill the learning gaps. She will continually assess the student on her readiness towards her goals — be it an annual school exam, a unit test or a competition like IMO or NTSE — and guarantee that the goals are finally achieved.

Can you be such a super-teacher of your child yourself?

You may have very little time to work with your child, and may have forgotten all the school level maths. Do not worry — latest technology can turn you into a super-teacher of your child.  

You only need to register for free on and select the exams or topics you wish your child to excel in. You can select school level exams or exams like IMO, Olympiad and NTSE. After that, Edugain will start working for you 24×7.

Everytime you or your child visit Edugain, it will tell you exactly what to do next. It can give you printable worksheets for practicing specific things or ask you to spend some time doing online practice. It may give you a printable test to access your learning on specific aspects or suggest you to take a test online. The questions that Edugain selects for your child at a given time would exactly cater to your child’s needs and ability at that time — just like that great maths teacher you always wanted for your child!

The good part is — there is no limit to how many new questions of a certain type Edugain can give to your child. If your child is facing difficulties with only certain concepts or types of questions, without you or your child knowing about it, Edugain will ensure your child is able to always answer the questions correctly before the actual exam.

Edugain does not restrict you in any sense — you can choose any class, topic or exam, and download as many worksheets for offline learning or do as much practice online as you wish.

Wish you luck being the maths super-teacher of your child!


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