Paneer Uttapam

I used to make Uttapams using rice and dal mix. It worked well with Dosas but some how the Utttapams were not turning out to be very soft. So I tried adding different ingredients and after lot of trial and errors finally hit the jackpot!!!  Let me share the recipe with you.


Normal rice – 3 Cups

Urad dal – 1 Cup

Suji / Semolina – 1/2 Cup

Cottage Paneer – 200 gms

Onions – 2 small (Finally chopped)

Green Chilies – 2 (Finally chopped)

Red Chili powder – 1 tsp

Fresh Yogurt (curd) – 2 tsp

Coriander Leaves – few

Oil as required

Salt to taste


  • Wash the rice and urad dal separately then soak them into water in separate bowls for overnight.
  • Next morning grind the urad dal and rice separately, with the help of the same water in which they were soaked. (Do not mix and grind, you should grind them separately and then mix.)
  • The paste should be smooth it should not be coarse or grainy to feel, but smooth and soft.
  • Add curd, suji and salt. Mix well.
  • You can also add water if required, to make the batter medium thick in consistency.
  • Heat the tawa and sprinkle little bit of oil.
  • Pour a ladle of the batter in the center of the tawa. Make a small but thick circle.
  • Spread little bit of oil around the edges
  • Grate the paneer and sprinkle it with onion, green chilies and coriander leaves.
  • Press the whole topping with the help of spatula. So that when we flip the uttapam everything stays in their place.
  • Sprinkle some salt and red chili powder.
  • It takes 2-3 minutes to cook for the lower surface of the uttapam. Once the edges start to leave the tawa on its own and uttapam slowly loosen up, then it is cooked.
  • Turn it giving a touch of oil all around.
  • Press the uttapam with the spatula  from the top, and let it cook for 1-2 minutes,so that the toppings get a nice caramelized color and they become crispy.
  • Serve hot with your preference of chutney.


You can add any veggies as per your taste. Since my daughter, is averse of most of them (as usual for her) so I just added onions.




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