Online Education

Yesterday my husband told me about a new concept (for me only, no offence!!!) called online education…who can blame him for being such a killjoy… I mean seriously online & education they really coming together, in my times internet was a short time out from the studies. Who can imagine both of them bonding together but then almost sheepishly I realized that it was a long time back!!!

Welcome to the new age my husband said….

Good enough…now I am all set to explore this new forte called online education/study/knowledge.

Jokes apart I realized that so called new concept is actually very helpful for both students as well as their parents. As for myself it is always a big challenge for me to help my daughter learn new things in a fun and interesting way. Then I tried this new website (there are many others as well) and I could see the difference. For the first time my daughter started taking interest in maths(I am impressed!!), learning new concepts & applying them without me always after her life. It also gave my daughter flexibility to choose topics as per her liking, lots of practice sessions for the difficult ones. Though the best thing that my daughter likes is the feeling that she is doing some thing far more complicated ( than her mother used to do in her school days). kind of win win for both of us

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