My Daughter’s first year

I distinctly remember the feeling when I first hold my daughter. It was a mixed feeling of joy, excitement as well as little apprehension(about managing all the stuff).I was really waiting to get discharged and took her to her home. Finally the day arrived and we came to our home with our daughter.

Initially she used to sleep the entire day waking only for her feed. But as days passed there started some change in her routine. She spent more awake as sleeping and it was really amazing to see those changes in her. Even when she was sleeping she had her different moods on her. Slowly we started adjusting to her routine.But overall she was a non fussy and happy baby. she used to very content if her routine is religiously followed which was actually fine with me as well.

However there was one thing which she really enjoyed, it was taking bath. She loved the feel of water on her tiny body, so giving bath to her actually became a fun-filled activity for both of us. As she was growing up she started recognizing me and we started interacting in our mom-daughter ways. In fact my husband used to tell her stories and she seemed to really understand and actually enjoyed it( that’s what he liked to believe).Overall she used to be very calm and playful but there were phases of her long howling and in spite of us tring our best she didn’t pacify, those used to be some really long hours to pass.

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