Is it a Boy or a Girl ???

” The prevailing sense of despair at the birth of a female child should be replaced by the awareness and appreciation that she is the creator of progeny.” – Dr. Meharban Singh

There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it. But not everyone seems to believe in this adage. In Indian culture, there is an age-old craving to have a son. He is needed to sustain and continue the lineage of the family and given the male dominated society he is supposed to be the bread earner of the family.

The birth of a baby is usually marked by great joy and expectation, but then the immediate concern become whether he is a boy or a girl. Forget about the rural areas where education and sex equality has still not prevailed. It is really unfortunate that even among the educated and urban couples, the son-only-syndrome persists. So much so that some families end up with half a dozen girls in the hope of producing at least one male baby.

We actually need to look into the reasons behind this mentality.

  • First and foremost a son is supposed to look after the parents in their old age (budhape ka sahara). Though in modern times it is more of a myth than a reality!!
  • Economic factors also play an important role in this mania.They are suppose to take care of education and marriage of younger siblings, perform the last rites of parents and most importantly, bring in the dowry. However things are changing and now a days girls are equally participating in family responsibility.                                                                                                                                                             Though it is said that times are changing but in reality is it ? From a news report of The Times of India (27/12/2010). ““Many couples in India reach Thailand by spending $8500+ the flight charges on a secret mission. They go there for undergoing PGD i.e. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis which involves producing embryos through IVF and implanting only those of the desired gender into the womb. 100% success is guaranteed.”                                                 If we look at the data provisional population totals announced for the India Census 2011 show an alarming decline in the child sex ratio.The number of girls per 1,000 boys (0-6 years) has reduced to 914; down from 927 in 2001.

On one hand  India is a religious country by nature but we neither have firm faith that it is God who gives daughters to whom He wills and sons to whom He wills and both to whom He wills and makes barren whom He wills. Nor do we have the scientific temperament to believe that it is an X and a Y chromosome that determines the gender of the baby (XX leads to girl and XY leads to boy). Also women has no choice but to contribute X- chromosome while the man has an option or choice (not under his control) to fertilize the egg either by an X- containing sperm or a Y- containing sperm.

Until and unless the underlying mentality of the society changes things are not going to improve. It is we who need to change. We need to fight against the prevailing devils of Gender Biasness, Prejudices, Dowry etc. We need to inculcate the values of respecting women as general. Otherwise birth of a daughter will always be considered as a liability especially with society becoming so unsafe for them.                                                  Infact It is even quoted that “a daughter is daughter, always a daughter but son is a son until his marriage”. So the sooner we change our mentality the better for us. If you don’t not want a daughter from where you will get a daughter-in-law??

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