Inculcating values in Kids

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”  – Mahatma Gandhi

It is every mother’s dream that her children should grow up with the right values. How easy it would have been if they just listen and become what we preach. But it is never so easy.The way children learn values, is by observing what you do, and drawing conclusions about what you think is important in life. Regardless of what you consciously teach them, they will emerge from childhood with clear views on what you really value.

Children are very good in observing and unconsciously imitating as well, for eg. if you as a mother don’t respect yourself your children will also not develop self respect for themselves. So we need to first sort out our own priorities in life that exactly what kind of person are we.

Believe me, kids are a lot smarter this days and if you have any issues of your own no matter how hard you try to hide they can easily see through it. Whether it is your relationship with your husband, your parents, In-laws try to work on it because all the negativity will be passed on to your kid. Even if you have certain bad experiences in the past, let go of it. Instead put all your energy into the present moment for the sake of your kids. How often we ask our children to let past be past but do we apply the same rule for ourselves? Then how can we expect them to change.  If you are weak, people pleasing person do you really think that your kid will be end up becoming strong. Since we all are human so it is very natural to have problems but if you are even unintentionally taking it out on your children frequently then there is something going wrong with your values. It could be a bad day in office or a fight with your husband etc. the list could be endless. Your are all bottled up because you couldn’t fight with your boss, win with your husband and then a silly mistake by your kids and before realizing you poured all your frustration on them.

Every ugly thing told to the child, every shame, every fright or disdain given to them will remain like splinters in the flesh or unconscious mind to torture them throughout their life.

The key is to first change yourself before trying to mold your kid. First be happy yourself then only you can expect them to be happy. A mother and child share a very special bond so much so that a slight change in your facial expression is noticed by your kid.

Live each day with happiness, bravery and free of regret so that your kid will learn the same.Choose Compassion over Arrogance, Courage over Fear, Joy over Pessimism, Action over Indecision, Encouragement over Envy, Enthusiasm over Anger & Laughter over Despondency. You will see that in no time your kids will start showing the same traits.


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