Grilled Sandwich (Bombay Style)

I had heard a lot about Bombay Vegetable grilled sandwich. So on my trip to Mumbai the first thing I wanted to explore was its street food, especially the famous grilled sandwich (You could well imagine my husband’s reaction). After lot of enquiry I got to know that one of the best places to eat Veg. Grill sandwich in Mumbai is at Anand Stall in Vile Parle (West) opposite to Mithibai college. Let me share the recipe with you.


For grill sandwich

Sandwich Bread Slices – 4

Potato – 2 small, boiled and sliced into rounds

Cucumber- 1 medium (Thinly sliced)

Onion – 1 medium (Thinly sliced)

Tomatoes – 2 small (Thinly sliced)

Capsicum – 1 small, thinly sliced (Optional)

Cheese – 1 Cup Grated (optional)

Black pepper- 1 tsp

Black Salt as required

Butter as required

Chaat masala powder as required

For green chutney

Fresh coriander leaves – 1 Cup (Chopped)

Mint leaves – 1 Cup

Garlic cloves – 1-2 (Chopped)

1 Green chili – 1 (Chopped)

Lemon Juice – ½ to ¾ tsp

Black Salt or Rock Salt or Sea Salt as required


  • For Green Chutney – In a grinder or blender grind all the above chutney ingredients to a smooth paste using very little water.
  • Butter all the bread slices. It should be spread evenly and generously so that the bread does not become soggy on spreading the chutney. Then spread some green chutney on the slices.
  • Now place few sliced of potatoes in single layer. Sprinkle some chat masala.
  • Then place 2 to 3 cucumber,onion,capsicum and tomato slices. Sprinkle chaat masala powder and black salt.
  • Lastly add grated cheese and again sprinkle some masala.
  • Cover the sandwiches with the remaining slices of bread.
  • Spread butter on the top of slices.
  • In a pre heated grill, place the sandwich carefully with the buttered side facing at the bottom. Spread butter on the top side as well to make it crispy.
  • Close the grill and grill the sandwich for 2-3 minutes or till crisp and golden.
  • Once grilled from one side, carefully flip it.
  • Then remove the grilled sandwich with a wooden spatula.
  • Slice it with a sharp knife, making sure that filling does not come out. And serve right away with chutney or ketchup.

Note : For all those calorie conscious, they can skip adding the cheese.



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