A Day in Hong Kong

For a change this post is neither about parenting nor tiffin recipes. In fact nothing related to our kids. Lets take a break girls, and have a typical girlish discussion like something about fashion sense. Interested, thought so!!!

As I am a laid back person, for me fashion is more about comfort rather style so no wonder you will always find me in a pair of jeans and tee. I remembered a couple of years back when I visited US. It was a cool place with nice and not so fashionable people. No offence, they were all stylish but not in a way that would give you complex about your own dressing. One of the good thing was that you would not find lot of anorexic girls, infact most of the American were like us, plump. (khate pite ghar ke)

Of course the young generation (teenagers) is quite stylish and chic. Especially when you visit any mall or shopping complex (but that is true for India as well). But I did fine there, except for a few awkward moments regarding my fashion sense, I survived nicely. But the real climax was to come later.

As we were returning we thought of taking a break in Hong Kong. We planned to reach there in the morning so that we would have the entire day for sight-seeing and take a night flight to India. Good Plan to save both time and money and adding a new country to our list as well.(We Indian are oh so practical…People should learn something from us). OK enough self bragging, lets continue the story.

We reached Hong Kong early morning and it was a beautiful airport. When ever I reach somewhere early morning I am mostly half asleep, grumbling for my morning cuppa and caring least about how I look (Not talking about the celebrities here). But there I got the shock of my life, even at that hour as far as I could see all the ladies (Hong Kong) were fully decked up and impeccably dressed looking so superior. I checked twice to see any ramp nearby, there was none. Nevertheless it was a shocker.

I got a hold of myself, checked into a wash room and tried to look at least presentable. My morale booster was my husband who always replied the same ‘You look fine’, I can ask this question to him even while he is sleeping and sure to get the same reply.(After lot of thinking he has realized that it is the safest reply which would not lead to any further cross-questioning)

After the breakfast we took a tour bus for the sight-seeing. It is not an exaggeration to say that Hong Kong was actually a vertical city. You would see really narrow lanes in and all of a sudden amidst it, would be a sky scrapper. It was a beautiful city with ever stylish natives. Along with the sight-seeing I was also busy staring frankly at the people (Aren’t we Indian famous for this). Do not take me wrong, I was not a Psychopath with an evil plan in my mind. It was just that I was intrigued by the locals. With their clean skin, perfect figure and up to date clothing style it was obvious. Since I was on his side, so my poor husband could not use his eyes as freely as he would like to. Moreover he was also busy managing the details (Someone has to as I was totally oblivious about it).

During the time it was raining on and off. So after a brief stint with it we thought of going for some window shopping in a mall.There I saw a beautiful YSL evening gown. While I was standing and admiring it I thought of actually getting into that posh shop. However with my half drenched jeans and tee it was actually a big blunder.The moment I went inside I saw classically dressed sales girls giving me the total look of disdain.( All those who had seen ‘Pretty Women’ could actually relate to my situation there). Anyway after murmuring some unintelligent one liners I realized that the best way is to make a quit exit. The look in their eyes said it all…it was like ‘you better’. Trying to look as unaffected and calm as I could manage I left. I realized that Hong Kong is one hell of a stylish city.

But why did I shared this experience publicly, First to have a good laugh and Second, not to be judgmental about anyone based on their appearance. It is good to be stylish, wearing the latest designer clothes but at the same time it is equally important to be yourself. Being well dressed will definitely give you lots of confidence but at the same time it should not define your character. Dress to please no one but you. Some time it is the casually dressed one who actually look the best.

P.S – By the way I have not yet learn my lesson as I still roam around in my faded jeans and Tee/Kurta


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  • Loved the way you have expressed !! Felt as if someone has written about me .. I think most of us are like you especially the working moms!! Being fashionable, being stylish, getting latest trends are fine but, its more important of “being myself” ….

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