Child Prodigy & Parenting

Child Prodigy is a young child who has very great ability in something. On a more elaborate note it is defined as a person under the age of ten who produces meaningful output in some domain to the level of an adult expert performer.They have an unusual curiosity,early development skills as well as advanced intellectual maturation.Their capabilities could be in any direction from music, science, literature, art, mathematics, or any other field of study. Examples of child prodigies are Mozart, Beethoven, Ramanujam,Edmund Thomas Clint etc. However Child prodigies are rare, also prodigiousness in childhood does not always predict adult eminence.

Parenting, under any condition, takes a lot of work, patience and effort. Each child requires his or her own special parenting strategy, and that may even change month to month.

But raising a child prodigy has its unique challenges and requires individually tailored time, attention and thought, because these children have amazing abilities in a specific field far beyond their years.Parents should be appreciating and encouraging the respective qualities for their further blooming.They should try to spend more time with gifted child to satisfy his hunger and curiosity for new things. Activities like travelling,visiting museums,libraries should be encouraged and further guidance and coaching  by the specializes tutor should be provided to unravel his full inherent potential.

But at the same time parent should also ensure that their child should not miss the joy of a normal childhood by making sure that he should engage in plenty of age-appropriate activities as well. The child should be encouraged to develop an all rounded balanced personality with emotional stability while keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground because arrogance can seriously compromise his contributions to the society.

There had also been cases when parents,teachers or trainers become over ambitious which leads to the child’s exploitation.These children need special attention,encouragement,better opportunities and facilities for flowering their full protection without being exploited by anyone.

It is also true every parents want their child to be a prodigy but rather than comparing, the best thing is to give love,respect & encouragement to their child which help them in achieving success in their respective field.





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