Cheese Paratha

Kids loves cheese!!! Be it in Slice,Cubes or cheese spread and its an healthy option as well. Even those kids who are a fussy about milk they also could not resist cheese.There are lot of items that can be made from cheese, one of such is Cheese Paratha.

It can be made for breakfast or tiffin and the best part is that they are finished in no time!!!

Let me share the recipe with you

To make Dough
2 cup whole wheat flour (gehun atta)
Water for kneading a dough
Milk 1/4 Cup
Oil  2 tsp
Salt as needed
To make stuffing
Cheese / paneer grated 1 cup
Pepper powder  ½ tsp
Chopped green coriander
Oil for cooking
Salt to taste

 1. Take whole wheat flour/atta in a wide bowl.

2. Add salt, 2 tsp of oil,sprinkle ¼ cup of milk and mix well.

3. By sprinkling water little by little knead it to smooth soft dough.

4. Apply oil to the surface of the dough and keep it covered for ½ an hour.

5. Now make small equal balls of the dough and roll each ball into a small round.

6. Mix the cheese, salt, pepper and coriander together and stuff a spoonful in the rounds.

7. Seal all the sides together and make small patties.

8. Now roll these back again into sizeable rounds and make sure that the cheese should not come out.

9. Heat a tawa and drizzle some oil and and place a rolled out paratha on hot tawa.

10. Spread some oil all over and cook on medium high flame.

11. Cook from both the sides until paratha turns to crisp and little browned.Keep pressing both the sides on the tawa so that the  paratha becomes crispy and serve hot cheese paratha.



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