Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding is a woman’s privilege and a child’s right. It is a ready-made food for the baby designed by the nature herself and it is beneficial for all the babies including the sick ones. Earlier people had lot of apprehensions about the breast milk but now the latest research shows that it is best food for a newborn baby. Like mother’s love there is no substitute for mother’s milk.

Virtues of Breast Feeding

For Baby

  • Breast Milk is a complete food in itself which provides all the necessary nutrients to the baby for the first six month. It is easily digestible and the baby does not require any additional vitamin or iron during that period.
  • It contains a number of anti-infective substances, protective antibiotics which provides protection from diseases like diarrhea, respiratory illness and other infections. Breast fed babies are also less likely to develop allergic disorders like asthma and eczema. They also show better protective response to various vaccines as compared to bottle fed babies.
  • Breastfeeding also provides emotional security and promotes  a close bonding between a mother and her baby by stimulating all the 5 special senses of the baby – touch, sight, smell, hearing & taste.
  • Research shows that breastfed babies are smarter with a higher intelligent quotient (IQ) and at the same time they are less likely to suffer from diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and even certain cancers during their adult life.
  • Last but not the least breast milk is the purest form of food without any risk of adulteration, dilution, contamination and infection.

 For Mothers

  • Breastfeeding helps in contracting the uterus so that there is less risk of bleeding and anemia after delivery.
  • It also delays ovulation and onset of menstruation acting as a natural contraceptive. Nevertheless, it is not foolproof so proper contraceptive advice is needed as well.
  • Mothers breastfeeding their babies have a reduced rate of developing breast and ovarian cancer and osteoporosis.
  • At the same time Breast feeding is very convenient as well as economical for the family. Breast milk is readily available all the time at the desired temperature. At the same time there is neither any need to buy feeding bottles, artificial milk or formula nor any time is wasted in sterilization of bottles and preparation of feeds.

Earlier there was lot of misconception about breast feeding spoiling mother’s figures or about the shape of the breast. But now it has been proven that all those mothers who breastfeed their baby are able to maintain as well as regain their pre-pregnancy body weight faster because energy stores laid down during pregnancy are consumed faster during lactation.

Now a days breast feeding in being promoted in big ways.In countries like France, Australia, Iceland etc public breastfeeding is widespread and uncontroversial especially in France where it is legal and widely accepted. We also need to promote public breastfeeding, which is still a source of embarrassment and a big taboo in India.

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