Free Thinking

Today’s post is based on an incident from my postgraduate days. Once me and my friend were roaming around the market as our exams just got finished. She was wearing her (graduate) college sweatshirt in which something was written which was neither in English nor in Hindi. My first impulse would had been to ask the language from her. But then I just thought for a second, and did some backward thinking and got the answer. (She was from a christian college and the logo on sweatshirt had a picture of book which could be Bible which is written in Latin so the language on her sweatshirt must be Latin).

So simple but why am I sharing this. It made me realize that now a days we are so much used to spoon-feed about everything that we have somehow forgotten to think for ourselves. One hand life is so easy with all the answers at our fingertips but at the same time we have almost lost the ability to think for ourselves. We are indeed privileged to live in times when everything is available at the click of a button. But isn’t all these ready made answers (information) curtailing our free thinking ways, not forgetting the fact that it is also turning us into a mere acceptor of things. Rather than using our own thinking capacity and questioning the fact, it has become much more convenient to absorb and accept the things presented as they are.

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